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Tschuna still a little shy @YorkshireWP on Flickr.
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BBC - Frozen Planet

The Arctic Wolves

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Lions Sleep Tonight
15 Oct 13 at 5 pm


It was an overcast day with soft light, perfect for photographing the red fox, except that she’s nowhere to be seen. Half an hour has passed. Suddenly, I saw a misty red dot surrounded by white. I wiped my eyes. There she was! She sat elegantly on the side of the road, looking slim and petite. She was just like a ghost, appearing out of nowhere. As our snow coach approached, I saw her ears suddenly point forward, as if she were listening to something. She slowly squatted down and leapt after a mouse who desperately trying to escape,  burrowed itself deep in the snow. Our leader said, “She is going to jump and pounce!” I crouched down and readied my camera  The fox jumped unexpectedly fast and high, at least ten feet. I didn’t see it clearly in the viewfinder, but I placed  my finger on the shutter and fired away. This series of shot is what I caught. Miracles do happen sometimes. Photos and caption by Tin Man Photography.

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Lord Of The Jungle by ~SAMLIM